The fall of humankind

'Our once vibrant world is now empty of both the beast of the field, and of the city.' A Smithee, 16th Sept

They arrived and the world drowned in silence. The otherworldly beasts tore apart the bodies of the living, but their spirits remained.

Team up with up to 8 other survivors and strike out into the desolation, visiting a world of hushed theme parks, stilled cities and barren farms.

Choose the risk to your reward carefully, as the monsters will wait for you at the end of each hunt, and the spirits of the departed might help or hinder you.

Saving the dead

'Although a touch from a spirit may open your eyes, if you see them, you'll wish you never had eyes at all.' Anon

The dead don't die, well not until their body turns to dust, as a when your spirit leaves it can be returned through serum. While in the other realm, you can see the world from their perspective, with each life like a shinning beacon on a misty moor.

But those who are dead can still call to the living through runes, and warn those who will listen of the danger that lurks and how best to vanquish it.

Every location has a spirit or spirits that may help, hinder or hurt you. But through their puzzle you can always find the breadcrumbs of a monster.

Fighting back

'Mark this day, we trapped a monster in a ring of fire, which eventually consumed it.' Dave Agnew, 7th June

Once a monster is found, its method of summons understood and its weakness is known, your team can prepare for the most dangerous of all challenges.

Monsters come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but their abilities are always extreme, rendering brute force often pointless. To defeat them you must plan and execute, with both skill and in case that doesn't work, contingency!

Turning the tide

'Contact marked on the map, that's five more groups around the village, almost getting crowded...' JJ, 23.08

Though your group and your quests are your own, there is a wider resistance. Teams like yours litter the landscape, all trying to peel back the monster scourge from the land.

From your safehouses you'll be able to keep up-to-date on humanity's overall progress against the monsters. Together you'll know when the monsters surge and when they subside, and perhaps when the world is relived, or ruined.

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